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Ian Milne

When Ian Milne, the former Scottish rugby international, made his annual visit to the Badanloch Estate this year on the 15th of July, he was certainly rewarded for his 35 year history of fishing on the Estate. Mr Milne, using a size 12 Teal and Green fly and a 4lb braking strain nylon line, was able to hook a monster trout on Loch an Alltan Fhearna. Mr Milne said how delighted he was to have landed the fish and that it was one of his best catches of his lifelong hobby of fishing at Badanloch. The trout weighing 8lb and 4 oz was said to have put in a great fight, however the stamina of the 44 capped Scot and once Lions player proved too much for the fish to escape. Badanloch Estate boasts five trout lochs, including the infamous loch Badanloch itself.

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