Fishing for Wild Brown Trout

The fishing at Badanloch is from 15 March to 30 September, early season fish can be a little thin depending on spring conditions, seldom is there a blank day on the three loch system. June is the most popular month to visit.

bents on the shore

Loch Rimsdale, Loch Nan Clar and Loch Badanloch

Loch Rimsdale, Loch Nan Clar, and Loch Badanloch comprise the ‘three lochs’ system. The system was created when the Badanloch Dam was built, which was the first of its kind in Scotland, built in the early 1900’s for the purpose of keeping the water level up for the River Helmsdale.

Loch Rimsdale, Loch Nan Clar, and Loch Badanloch

The combined area of the lochs is approximately 2,300 acres so there is plenty of room for everyone. These lochs have free-taking fish in a wide range of sizes, all providing good sport. The ‘three lochs’ system fishes 5 boats with vehicle access at the eastern end and car parking available adjacent to the mooring.

The ’three lochs’ system lies at about 500 feet above sea level with an island between loch Nan Clar and Badanloch which generally provides a haunt for bigger fish.  Anglers should note that taking a boat from Badanloch to Rimsdale can be difficult later in the season, when the water level of the lochs is low.

Loch Coire nam Mang

Loch Coire nam Mang

The nearest of the two hill lochs at nearly 250 metres above sea level. This loch fishes better in midsummer when the mayfly are on the go, dabbing can prove very effective at that time of year. The loch sits two miles from the roadside and there is a single boat on this loch.

Loch Druim a Chliabhain

Loch Druim a Chliabhain

Slightly larger than Loch Coire nam Mang and a little further over, good fishing if you can catch them! One boat available on this loch.

Loch An Alltan Fhearna

Loch An Alltan Fhearna

Lying to the west of Loch Badanloch, a lovely sheltered loch, round in shape with easy access by car to the loch side.

loch fishing with wheelchair access
Our wheelchair friendly fishing boat ‘‘HMS Sally’’

Being restricted to a wheelchair it's impossible for Thomas to fish in wild places,  normally he is forced to fish stocked lakes fishing off manicured lawns for stocked rainbows. Did you see the smile on his face then when you fitted him into your new handicap boat and he eventually got to fish for some wild fish.  We had a lovely day and all caught fish and I know you will see Tom again.  Congratulations on all the work you have put in on this project it's a great asset to the area and once word gets around will be well.

August 2014.

River Helmsdale

Trout fishing is available for two rods on one mile of the River Helmsdale from the Dam at Loch Badanloch to Loch Achnomoine. Excellent for the dry fly with a 2 ½ lb last year, although a 4 ¾ has been caught previously. Grilse from June onwards, although they are not easy to get at as the trout seem keener to take the fly first.

Map of River Helmsdale
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Shepherd's Cottage

We have fully renovated Shepherd's Cottage to accommodate 6 guests at any time of the year. DUring the trout season, guests can enjoy free trout fishing on one of the estate's lochs by prior arrangement with the head keeper.


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